Buy tickets for Goa Cream 2018

It is the responsibility of ALL of us as a community and as individuals for the choices we make and how we live. The PsyTrance tribe is one of the best examples of conscious awareness I know of.

We all love to dance in beautiful surroundings, we all know we should look after nature as much as each other. 

With this in mind, we ask you all to please:
Fill your car or van with friends.
Start the party at your door, its greener, cheaper and more fun, Join our Goa Cream lift share page here;
Take your Rubbish Home!
We will recycle all the waist generated at the party and provide recycling stations but we expect you all as much as possible to take the packaging of food and goods, you bought with you to Thoulstone Park, home and dispose of in your own recycling.
Bring Your own Plate, Cup or Tankard.
We have asked all the caterers and stall holders to use only recyclable materials and no single use plastic. Paper cups, food containers and wooden cutlery are better than plastic but are still made from trees. You could also bring your own cutlery, maybe its more hygienic ?
Due to the nature of the beast and budgets this year we will still be using recyclable plastic cups at the bar, mind you these can be used more than once. To reduce this use further you can bring your own cup or tankard.
For obvious reasons. No glasses please !

Thank you for taking the time to read this. 

Bring the energy you expect to find and leave nothing but smiles.
One World, One Love, One Dance Floor.