We are excited to announce that Goa Cream 2017 will be held at

Thoulston Park, the nearest Train Station is Westbury.

The site has hot showers, a plunge pool, saunas and permanent toilets on 124 acres of eco-enhanced parkland.

Formerly a golf course, the site has now been given back to nature and the community for enjoyment by the spirit and the body. 

Camping and Glamping at Goa Cream 2017


After the General Admission price, all people in tents, caravans and motor-homes will pay ┬ú5 per person per night. On the ticketing website you will be asked to pay for a minimum of three nights, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. 


After the General Admission price you have several options of Glamping 

A private Bell Tent for 2 or 4 people.

Share a Bell Tent with friends you haven't met yet,

Or if you want to go really Tribal, a Tipi with up to 8 people.

All the bell tents and Tipis come equipped with memory foam mattresses, rugs, throws, cushions, a table and lamps.

All you need to bring is bedding, either duvet, sheets and pillow or sleeping bag.

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