TATVA  is an Anglo/Indian mental health awareness and emotional wellness project based in Goa, India.

They are the only organisation delivering harm reduction and psychological support to attendees and artists at festivals in India and South Asia. We believe that psychological ​first aid is as important as medical support in festival environments, and therefore our welfare areas work to ​ensure​ ​ the ​holistic safety of the ​ festival ​by providing a non-judgemental, safe environment where people can talk and rest/chill out if necessary. ​TATVA provides advice and information on substance abuse and safe sexual practices; plus they act as a buffer between those attending the festival and the authoritys - so that if someone is having a challenging experience they can intervene and give them support; rather than the person getting taken off to hospital in an ambulance or the  police get involved. They work with the festival ​organising ​ teams to ensure a smooth transition during crisis situations; like medical emergencies ​ and liaison with all other support services ​ (security/first aid etc.) TATVA ​invites festival goers and artists ​ to spend time with each other in an engaging ​and open ​way.

The philosophy behind this is based on ​creating an accessible community space for conversations and making connections.​ Their welfare areas are open 24hrs a day during the whole duration of a festival/event. TATVA adds a therapeutic ​ and progressive​ element to ​a festival​ ​,​ ​allowing​ those attending ​it to feel comfortable in ​ approaching them and ​sharing​ ​their experiences in ​an​ inclusive space ​in real time​, facilitated by ​non judgemental ​ professionals ​ and trained volunteers. TATVA creates a proactive and preventive festival environment that enables the festival goers to feel valued ​and make informed choices.

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