Holding Space for the Tribe

"When setting up a gathering with life transforming potential,

the task of the promoters is far beyond that of providing a programme of art, culture,music, and the logistics to make it all run smoothly.

As these events often offer the context for experiencing altered
states of consciousness, the promoters cannot avoid dealing in a mature and responsible way with the potential “psychedelic emergencies” that may and do arise. In the perspective fostered by many researchers nowadays, which view gatherings involving “ecstatic practices” as a resurfacing of ancient tribal traditions, the promoters become those accountable for “holding the space for the tribe”, and even more so when the event attracts many tens of thousands of people. It is therefore mandatory to include in the event’s production
the construction of one or more spaces devoted to dealing responsibly with such “emergencies”, regardless of the attitudes manifested by the hosting government. As a matter of fact, this would be a more sophisticated way for society as a whole to address the issue of practices leading to altered states of consciousness, which are well-known to occur and are too often (not to say always) dealt with through repressive strategies or utter negligence.
If the setting up of such dedicated spaces within events production (including the necessary training for the people offering the support service) had been a standard procedure since the emergence of music festivals and other large-scale events, the electronic and rock music scenes would probably not have the “bad name” that they have nowadays. If promoters had felt and accepted this responsibility on themselves—by taking care of the event, its participants, and the surrounding community as a whole—we could have avoided many young people hurting themselves and even dying because of mismanaged drug use. During the years of event production, we at Good Mood have joined a fantastic team of multidisciplinary experts who trained hundreds of

volunteers in providing psychedelic support, thus carrying out ground-breaking work in solving difficult cases, saving many lives,

and keeping the“community body” harmonious.
May all states of consciousness be equally cared for, with
dignity and respect, in a progressively maturing society"

 Diogo Ruivo
Good Mood Productions and Founder of the Boom Festival

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